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by Jennifer Rincon




I founded Visionbox Studio in 2010 with my great friend and colleague Bill Pullman.

I came to Denver in 1991 to be the Head of Acting at the National Theatre Conservatory at the DCPA and had an amazing 18 years there. And when the Conservatory closed it left a big hole in the arts culture of Denver. There are no MFA programs in the state in acting. And while directing plays has been my career as well, teaching graduate level technique to artists at all phases of their careers and education has been a center of my life and work. There are not too many people with my background or experience in Denver. And very few if any who trained with the great Earle Gister. My life is about helping artists get better and about making live theatre important here and everywhere. We need artists and we need live theatre now more than ever.  Live theatre helps alleviate the isolation and disconnection so many of us experience in this age of technology and anxiety. Theatre is a communal event that reveals truths about the human condition and brings us healing and hope. This is my life's work. I am an artist. And proud to be one. And I founded Visionbox with a few important colleagues so I could continue to do this work in a city that needs us. COVID made alot of this hard. And post COVID finances are very hard. Please consider any level of donation so we can continue to make life better in our community and help young artists get where they want to go.

Our vision at Visionbox is to develop the work of visionary artists. Though artists are born, they are then made great. We aren't only training actors and artists, but also advocating for them. If we don't have structures, and mentors to guide them, we will lose the art formVisionbox Studio's mission is to raise the overall level of performing arts in Colorado by providing student and professional actors with training rooted in graduate-level curriculum, taught by theater professionals; and to integrate this training into the development of new intermedia performance work that engages audiences in the social and human issues of our time.

Every day we ask what the role of an artist is in today's society, the challenges we face in the age of technology, global crisis, and disconnection . . . and one of the solutions we have found is community through communal experiences. Theatre is deeply communal—a shared experience the audience and artists journey through, bringing us all together as we investigate the deepest questions of our humanity. More than ever, we need community. More than ever, artists need a safe place to sharpen their craft so they can better tell stories of the human experience and assist in healing as a culture. The value we put on artists is indicative of the culture surrounding the art. Visionbox Studio is a Not For Profit Organization and is completely dependent on Donors' generosity.  Every show you attend and every dollar you donate is a gesture of support for our mission—you are investing in our community and helping to keep us alive. Please consider supporting our mission today and we welcome you into our circle of artists and storytelling lovers. Please support these artists and consider donating today—we have more stories to tell.  

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